Hello. Welcome to Lice Choice.

We are Michelle and Jacob Appelbaum, the mother and son duo behind Lice Choice.

Many years ago, when a friend of Michelle’s children got lice, they found themselves in a spiral of confusing and misleading information. Data revealed that the traditional over-the-counter and prescription lice treatment products were hazardous pesticides that were linked to some scary side effects, from blurred vision all the way to long term brain damage.    

Founders of Lice Choice Michelle and Jacob Appelbaum

Not only were these products potentially carcinogenic and neurotoxic, but there were more and more reports of them being ineffective due to the resistance lice developed against the active ingredients. It’s official; lice have evolved into Super Lice. Studies have shown that up to 95% of all the lice in the USA are now Super Lice.

The alarm bells were ringing loudly in Michelle’s head. The market hadn’t caught up with families’ need for a safe product that yielded results. Super Lice were in the driver’s seat, and it felt like we were careening out of control.

That is, until we decided to do something about it.

"I understand people’s frustration when they have lice and my goal is to help them get their lives back to normal as quickly as possible.”

Michelle Appelbaum
Co-Founder of Lice Choice

Our History

As a parent, Michelle knew what had to be done. She wanted something better for her and her family, for her friend’s children, and for all the people in her community. She opened a lice treatment clinic in Bexley, Ohio. After the huge success of that clinic, she opened a second clinic in Hilliard, Ohio. Michelle was overwhelmed with the positive feedback from customers about the non-toxic products she was using. After helping thousands of families diagnose and treat lice at her lice treatment centers, Michelle knew her work wasn’t finished yet.

Hundreds of requests poured in from out of state parents who knew someone who visited Michelle’s treatment centers in Ohio; they wanted access to the same products to treat their families. Michelle teamed up with her son, Jacob, and they launched their online website to make Lice Choice available to everyone.

The exact same products that are used in our treatment clinics are right here, ready for you to purchase and have shipped right to your doorstep. From our family to yours.

Our Mission

At Lice Choice, our mission is to solve the problems the other lice treatments have and dispel all the myths surrounding lice. When there are so many rumors and home remedies circulating, it can be impossible to get rid of lice because people are confused about the best way to be effective.

Michelle has heard it all at her clinic. Stories like “lice don’t like redheads” or “lice like to live in nose hairs!” We have even had several customers share with us the incorrect information they were given about lice from various health care professionals. One customer told us that the pharmacist at a local drug store said lice can jump six feet, when in reality they can’t jump at all! That is always the hardest to hear, that other health care professionals are perpetuating the spread of false lice facts. Without the right knowledge and treatment products, you can’t get rid of lice or get them to stay away.

That’s why we opened our treatment centers; and that’s why we launched our website and blog that is consistently updated with the latest knowledge, evidence, studies, and information involving lice, Super Lice, and nits. That is why we stand behind a lice treatment formula that is safe for you to use on the entire family. Our non-toxic, non-GMO, pesticide-free, all-natural enzyme-based formula is the #1 solution to your lice problems.

We wouldn’t dream of putting the same ingredients on our skin, or our children’s skin, that is in bug bombs and flea collars and used by farmers to keep insects off their cattle. So we refused to buy over-the-counter and prescription lice treatment products. We insisted on something better - for us, and for you.

Truly, we wished that some of the home remedies would work. We hoped we could bypass the harmful chemicals and avoid insecticides by using everyday kitchen products like mayonnaise, olive oil, Coke, and Listerine (yes, that really is a thing!) to treat lice. The unfortunate reality is that these products just don’t work.

It would also be wonderfully convenient if essential oils worked at eradicating lice. If a few quick drops of tea tree oil or neem oil were all that it took to get rid of lice, then we would jump up and do a happy dance with you. We would love it if getting rid of lice could be that simple!

Unfortunately, none of the home remedies have any clinical evidence to support them. In fact, the associations and organizations that we trust the most - such as the American Academy of Pediatricians - all strongly recommend that parents do not use home remedies such as essential oils to get rid of lice.

But you don’t want to put chemicals in your body or on your body. Lice just aren’t worth the risk when looking at the ingredients and the laundry list of potential side effects on these traditional over-the-counter and prescription lice treatment products. Don’t worry. We’re thinking the exact same thing as you; leave pesticides in the garden and with the farmers.  


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Our Promise

Lice Choice products are 100% pesticide-free. They also come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Our values align with your values.

From our Lice Choice Head Spray to our Lice Choice Nit Terminator Comb, every product in our Lice Choice Treatment Kits has been carefully crafted with you in mind. We are uncompromising in our commitment to making sure you and your family are taken care of while lice are kicked out the door and out of your lives.

You can rely on us to be there for you, to answer your questions, to provide you with the most up-to-date knowledge on lice and all the current studies and reports. We have the highest quality products that are tough on lice but gentle on your scalp.

Ready to become a lice warrior? With Lice Choice tools in your toolbox, it’s only a matter of time - a very short amount of time - before lice are gone and you can resume your lives normally. With no fear of harmful side effects or daunting long term complications looming in the future, you can go back to lives lice-free and worry-free!

We are Michelle and Jacob Appelbaum, here for you and your family every single step of the way. We are here to teach you how to take a lice disaster and turn you into a lice master.

Thank you for putting your trust in us to help you care for your family.


Michelle and Jacob Appelbaum