What Makes Us Different?

We understand that when lice make an appearance in your life, it’s scary. That's why we'll be here for you, every step of the way.

We're committed to helping your family get rid of lice so you can put this behind you and get back to doing things you enjoy.

After opening our lice clinic doors in 2010, we have helped thousands of families diagnose and treat lice. The treatment formula we use was carefully crafted to make lice resistance an impossibility. With Super Lice making the national news and taking the United States by storm, we know there are plenty of products on the market that seem like they will work, but they really don’t.

It was that lack of effectiveness that propelled us into action. It was time to put a product into the hands of our community that would quickly and effectively get rid of both lice and Super Lice. With the rapid success of our treatment clinics and our formula, we decided to make Lice Choice available to not just those living in our communities, but to those who are a part of our global community as well. Anyone can get lice, and everyone should be able to have access to our potent and safe Lice Choice products that put you and your family first. As we ourselves are a family, we know that health and safety are important for your family as well.

Lice Choice products can be trusted to be non-toxic, non-GMO, derived from organic sources and free of all harmful chemicals. Other lice treatment pesticide-based products on the market don’t even offer results, only hazardous chemicals with loads of potential side effects. We would never want to put our family through the fear that revolves around possible carcinogenic and neurotoxic long-term side effects. And we sure wouldn’t want you to have to choose that for your family either. Lice Choice offers you a better way to get rid of lice. A safe, healthy, way that comes with optimized effectiveness.  

Lice Choice Products Used At Home On Daughter

Three Powerful Tools

To successfully get rid of lice, there are three powerful tools:





The Right Knowledge and Resources

With endless misconceptions about lice circulating, knowing how to prevent lice, treat lice, and avoid lice re-infestation is even more difficult. Without the correct information about nits, lice, and Super Lice, how can you successfully eradicate lice from your head and home? That’s why we’re here to bust all the lice myths out there and put the lice and nits know-how right into your hands.

If you want to read more about all the lice myths and just how good we are at busting them, click here. But for a brief overview of some of the essential truths about lice and nits, check out our list below. We couldn’t resist the opportunity for lice myth-busting!

Facts instead of myths about lice
  • Lice jump…FALSE!
  • Lice fly…FALSE!
  • Using hair products like gel, mousse, and hair spray will keep you from getting lice…FALSE!
  • Boys with short hair don’t get lice…FALSE!
  • Your hairdryer and flat iron are great tools for killing lice…FALSE!
  • You can get lice from your pet…FALSE!
  • The popular over-the-counter products kill nits…FALSE!
  • Pesticides are effective at killing lice and nits…FALSE!

Having the right information leads to finding the best products and eliminating lice quickly. Rather than choosing lice treatment products that are full of chemicals and pesticides, the best products are those which are safe, highly effective, and proven to work through years of experience.  

The Right Treatment Solution

Lice Choice's organic, pesticide-free, enzyme-based, Head and Household Sprays are safe for your entire family, including infants and pregnant women. Not only are they safe to use, but they are also the most effective at eliminating nits, lice, and Super Lice from your head and home. They’re proven to work, not to hurt!  

Our Lice Choice Head Spray comes in a 32oz (750ml) bottle, which is large enough for up to ten treatments (depending on the length and thickness of the hair). Wondering why we sell it in a bottle big enough for ten treatments? We wanted to make sure that you had more than enough of our powerful formula to eliminate lice from everyone in your home. As time is of the essence when getting rid of lice, we didn’t want you to run out of product, only to have to jump online for a rush order. Having lice in your home is stressful enough; we want to do everything we can to ensure you have the smoothest lice extermination experience possible.

If you have some product left over, rest assured it won’t go to waste. The wonderful thing about our Lice Choice Head Spray is that it can also be used as a daily preventative. So it’s like you’re getting two products in one! Unlike products with chemicals or pesticides that should be used sparingly and only when necessary, Lice Choice can be used safely every single day to guard against re-infestation. So if you get a note sent home from school with the dreaded four-letter “L-word,” go ahead and start spraying to discourage lice from setting up shop on your child’s head!

Lice Choice Head Lice Treatment Spray Infographic

Our Lice Choice Household Spray is perfect for families who don’t want to go through the time and trouble of placing the fabric items in their homes in plastic bags. Whether it’s stuffed animals, pillows, blankets, or even car seats, our Household Spray will help you ensure that after you beat lice, they don’t show up again a few days later.

As our product is natural and organic, you won’t have to worry about our Household Spray damaging fabrics or causing discoloration. So go ahead and spray the carpets and couch cushions. With Lice Choice Household Spray in your hands, you are lice’s worst nightmare!

Lice Choice Household Lice Treatment Spray Infographic

The Right Nit Removal Comb

It would be great if nits were easy to remove and would slide right off the hair shaft with a mere tussle of brush bristles. We wish it were that easy, too. Unfortunately, lice nits (eggs) are glued to the hair shaft. Glued? Yes, glued. The female louse secretes a fluid when laying her eggs that is as strong as glue, which allows her to cement her eggs to hair shafts. This means that removing nits can be a real pain in the…head. The nits slide right between the teeth of most other nit combs without coming off, which forces you to do the tedious job of picking the nits off by hand, one at a time. We know this is not a fun process, for you or your child!

That’s why we have the Lice Choice Nit Terminator Comb, to get those grim and grisly nits and get ‘em good! Armed with the most effective nit comb on the market, you can be your own lice-buster with the Nit Terminator Comb at the ready! With the Nit Terminator Comb in your hands, you’ll show lice and nits who's boss.

Lice Choice Nit Comb Infographic

We’ve already mentioned that nits are glued to the hair shaft, so now we'll tell you another hard truth: nits are incredibly tiny and extremely difficult to see with the naked eye. This means that any old nit comb won’t do. The nits can easily slide through the wide sections of nit combs that come in over-the-counter kits.

That's why you need a durable, fine-tooth comb with micro-grooved notches on every tooth that grip the nits and pull them right out of the hair— without taking your hair with it! Our Nit Terminator Comb is that powerful and precise. Using the RIGHT COMB with the RIGHT PRODUCT will keep you from wasting precious time on ineffective lice treatments. It's the one-two punch you need to knock lice off your head and out of your life!

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So, What Makes Lice Choice Different?

Since 2010, we have successfully treated thousands of families at our lice centers. We know the feeling of dread and despair that washes over you when someone in your family gets lice. We understand your frustration at all the information out there about lice that is contradictory and confusing. You don't have the time (or desire) to spend endless hours nitpicking and treating. And we empathize with your disappointment when the drugstore and prescription products don’t work.  

Each time you go through trial and error with an ineffective product, this means you have to start from square one, which can double or triple the amount of time you have to spend dealing with lice. This could mean weeks and weeks of having lice in your home! Treating lice can feel like an uphill battle. It’s easy to feel like Sisyphus, pushing a giant boulder up a mountain every day just to have it roll back to the bottom...

Mother and daughter dressed up as superheroes

We know. We get it. And we’re here to help you take control of the situation.

At our lice treatment centers, and now here online, thousands of families have put their trust in us to deliver a high-quality, safe, effective product that successfully neutralizes your biggest and baddest enemy: lice. With Lice Choice products in your hands, the roles reverse. You are now lice’s biggest enemy. With weapons of mass (lice) destruction in your home, lice will get out and stay out.

Don’t threaten lice with chemicals that they have already developed a resistance to. Certainly don’t bring potentially carcinogenic and neurotoxic pesticides into your home and slather them onto your family’s skin. There’s a better way: the Lice Choice way.

We Believe There Is A Better Way

In order to guarantee triumph over treating lice, we have packaged together our experience from treating thousands of heads, with the exact same products we have used to successfully get rid of lice in our treatment centers.

Other products out there are filled with toxic chemicals and scary pesticides that are ineffective against Super Lice. That's right, the other products won't even touch them. With studies showing that up to 95% of lice samples taken across 48 of the states in the USA have been Super Lice, regular lice are no longer the norm. Super Lice are a reality that families have to face.  

When staring Super Lice in the face, we wanted to put the right weapons in your hands - weapons of lice destruction. Of course, we didn’t want our products to harm anything or anyone other than the lice, nits, and Super Lice. That’s why we formulated our solution using lice’s own natural enzymes against them.

Nothing in our products can harm humans. There are no side effects from using our products, as they are organic and based on natural ingredients, not on hazardous chemicals. Hypoallergenic? You bet. Lice Choice products are gentle on skin but tough on lice.

We truly want to make treating lice straightforward, easy, and effective. We want to get rid of the stress, the fear, the worries, and the doubt. We want to put lice back in their place as tiny bugs, not monsters.

We want to be - and hope we now are - your #1 source for lice treatment, just like we have been for thousands of other families!

Satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. Give Lice Choice a try and make lice nightmares a thing of the past.

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Founders of Lice Choice Michelle and Jacob Appelbaum


Your #1 source for lice treatment

At Lice Choice, our mission is to solve the problems that the other lice treatments have and dispel all the myths surrounding lice. That is why we stand behind a lice treatment formula that is safe for the entire family. Our non-toxic, pesticide-free, all-natural enzyme-based formula is the #1 solution to your lice problems.

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